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Celebrating 25 Years of Education Bidhan Chandra Institution
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Our Pending projects:

As mentioned in the Principal's message, we have a number of projects pending or halted due to scarcity of funds. We are trying our very best to find sources, and complete these projects. The future students are going to benefit tremendously from our endeavours.

Computer Centre:
The computer centre was started quite some time back. We had a little space in one of the corners of the building, where we decided to begin construction. We did complete a part of it as the following picture shows, but neither the construction was finished, nor did we have computers to start imparting classes. As all of us know, most renowned schools all over the state now offer computer science classes. Our students leave school, handicapped when compared to the bigger schools of Calcutta. And our ex-students would definitely acknowledge, that the bright minds of Durgapur are no less than their counterparts in Calcutta.
compsenter.JPG (14403 bytes)
A little help from all of you would go a long way to bring modern computers in here.

Those of you, who remember the old library close to the main office, would be overjoyed to know that we now have a new library. This is down the main hallway to the left of the main building. The library building was completed a long time back. But we could not upgrade in terms of availability of books for the students and modernising the library management. Obviously it is the students who bear the brunt of inconvenience. Here is a picture of the library:
library.jpg (18901 bytes)