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 Celebrating 25 years Bidhan Chandra Institution

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Principal's Message
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This institution was set up in 1976 to meet up an indispensible educational need for the students of Durgapur and neighbouring areas due to abrupt change in the pattern of education(i,e 11+3 system to 10+2)and non availability of plus 2 level of H.S curriculum in the other company(D.S.P) schools.Of course W.B council gave the academic affiliation since the date of inception of this institution.Different educationists and education lovers of Durgapur have shown immense encouragement in this noble work.
We are pleased to announce our celebrations to commemorate our twenty five years of educational service to the city of Durgapur.We would like to invite all students, ex-students and others, to celebrate with us. As all of us know, Bidhan Ch. Insttn has, over the years, produced hundreds of students who have gone on to achieve great successes in their lives. Today, your Alma Mater needs you. To maintain our dedication towards quality education, we have undertaken a number of measuers. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper funds much remains to be done.As we welcome you to celebrate with us with open arms, your financial assistance will go a long way towards the talents of the future. Projects such as upgradation of  our library, opening a computer centre among other things have been halted. We are trying our very best to get these facilities to proper standards. Once again, those of you, who have succeeded in achieving your goals, and feel that Bidhan Ch. Insttn has had a role to play, your beloved Bidhan needs you more than ever.
May God bless you all.

Sri A.N. Deb
(Principal, Bidhan Ch. Insttn)

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