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Celebrating 25 Years of Education Bidhan Chandra Institution
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makeshiftclass.JPG (17032 bytes) This is where hundreds of talents have started the tough journey of Plus 2.

This institution was established in 1976 at a critical juncture of transformation of educational pattern at the H.S level(plus2)in W.B. Since then this institution has been rendering Yeoman's service to the didactic wing of the 'Ruhr of Bengal'. It is a key of career resurgence to the budding youths of this industrial city and its neighbouring areas. In this heart of an industry-oriented city like durgapur the significance of an institution like this is undeniable.The promising students comimg from Madyamik/SF/ICSE/Secondary level usually seek pleasure to study here and undoubtedly become keen for career building.This institution can demand itself as an ideal one from this point of view. It has made an illustrious arrangement for those budding talents to come out successful.