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Celebrating 25 Years of Education Bidhan Chandra Institution
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A word from an ex-student
Hello everyone,
I would take a minute to introduce myself. I am Amitava Ray(friends called me Titin), a student of 1991 batch of H.S students from Bidhan. Like all the rest of you, I enjoyed the best two years of my student life in Bidhan. The freedom, Kumaramangalam Park, Chitralaya, the bus stand and Cha er dokan and so many other things. Lots of memories, sentiments and love lies in the unassuming compund of Bidhan. This year, I went to India to visit my parents - more importantly enjoy the Pujas. and I met all of our respected and beloved teachers. Deb Sir, is still there, with the same pair of glasses, and his trademark paan. Ujjal Sir, Jibon Sir, Champa Miss all of them were still there, only now the set of students were different.
The two projects that Bidhan has undertaken, and are lying incomplete because of funds, were my main concern. I personally believe that I owe a lot to Bidhan for what I am today. And I am sure, that, many of you think likewise. If all of us could collect some funds and make the projects happen, we would be doing a great job for our Alma Mater. Give it a thought friends, our contributions would help the future generations of Bidhan, to achieve what is rightfully theirs but may be denied for the lack of resources.

Sincerely Yours, A Ray